About Us

    • Quality products

      Polly Esther believes that quality is not an option, but a must.

    • Creativity

      We promote creativity at the workplace, as we believe that it is the key to success in the conception of plush toys.

    • Collaboration

      We believe that unity is strength, and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

    • Trust

      We believe in a transparent relationship within the organisation, which is based on respect and trust.

  • Our Story

    In order to respond to the increasing demand, Marc Ducasse approached local artisans separately to manufacture plush toys. However, over the years with the increase in demand, the current system was not viable anymore. Therefore, in 2017 Polly Esther Ltd was created to centralize the operations.

    Polly Esther Ltd allowed us to regroup our “magicians” – the lovely nickname given to the artisans due to their unbelievable skills- under one roof. The magicians working at Polly Esther Ltd can transform the creations into masterpieces. They are the key to the success of the company.

    The company is based in an old house in Union Park, which has been totally transformed into a small factory. The factory has been set-up in a way that all the artisans feel at home.

    It is only in May 2018, that Polly Esther Ltd officially launched production. Since the launching of the factory in Union Park, the production became easier.

    2018 has been a great year for Polly Esther Ltd. The company was chosen by the SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) Mauritius to launch the “Hologram” program. The “Hologram” is attached to our plush toys, which certifies that our products are manufactured locally.

    Moreover, Polly Esther Ltd is proud to have acquired and to wear the label of “Made in Moris” on our products. This label also certifies that the products are made locally. This label aims to promote locally made products and to reinforce the local brands on an international scale.

    The stuffed animals produced by Polly Esther Ltd are exclusively made for Accessorize Ltd, which then, in turn, takes care of the distribution. In Mauritius, Polly Esther has two points of sales, which are in Plaisance Shopping Village (PSV) and Magic Lantern, Rose-Hill. Moreover, the products of Polly Esther Ltd can be found in the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, and in various hotels around the island.

    The next target in the distribution for Polly Esther Ltd will be to export its products around the globe.

  • Our People

    • Manisha
    • Priya
      Junior Supervisor
    • Indira
    • Amrita
    • Reshma
    • Gaitree
    • Vimla
    • Premillah
    • Artee
    • Yoshita
    • Preety
    • Asha
    • Josick
      Sales Brand Representative
    • Beatrice
      Sales Brand Representative